Stories List

This is a list and synopsis of the stories and series I have posted on this site. Please don’t hesitate to look through and find one that seems interesting to you!

From the Ashes:

This is the story of a young black woman living in the fictional city of Hellworth, New York. She was once a prominent radio DJ, Journalist, and a now ex-vigilante. She struggles to find her way back through normal life after the loss of her wife, and the promise she made to her to not engage in vigilante activities.

-Will be Updated every Friday until the first Volume: “Bedrock” has been completed.-

Cave of the Goblin’s King:

This 2 part short story series follows the story of a team of 5 adventurers who have been hired to hunt down a goblin encampment in a cave. Their first night in the elven city is rather fun, but how the adventure will go is anyone’s guess.

-Chronicle II, Coming Soon-

Dungeons & Dragons Content

The Hive Rebuilds: One-Shot 

Your party has been hired to ensure the safety of the crew and the cargo of a very reputable and very old air ship. Things quickly begin to not add up and the mystery builds as your players experience this horror mystery narrative which has a classic boss of the D&D lore, as well as a new contender!