My name is Brandon Norine. I am a video game designer and a writer. I enjoy writing short stories as well as Dungeon and Dragon campaigns. I may post one or two one shots on this blog, however I am hoping to have more in depth books and one shots available on D&D beyond in the coming year.


This blog is dedicated to spreading stories I have written. Most of the time these are stories I feel must be in the world. Within these stories I do my best to ensure representation is presented as well and as fully as possible. If you wish to see someone like you in my writing don’t hesitate to contact me! I enjoy making stories everyone can connect with, and am always seeking to spread that joy everywhere I can as well as learn about new people and create narratives for the world to see!

How This Works

My blog will have uploads of my stories when I feel they are ready for public consumption. Therefore the posts will be sometimes plentiful, and often times sporadic as hell. I will do my best to include a list of titles as well as their descriptions so my readers can use the -Search for Stories-  search bar to search for series by their titles!

I hope you enjoy my writing! If you wish to critique my writing or let me know how I’m doing don’t hesitate to contact me! Hopefully I will have a patreon or something up and dedicated to me in the future for those who would like to support me! Thanks for stopping by!

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